Led Lamps

Led Lamps (Photo credit: Dedication of Merits)

OK, rebooting… stand by…

All right, here’s where I am: I now run a production company out here in Sonoma County, which if anything gives me even more reason to make stuff and use it credibly as part of my business.

The upshot of this is that I’m 99% likely to start YouTubing my projects, including teardowns, characterizations, research and more. So, if you’re into fat dudes tearing electronics apart with gusto, stay tuned, should be fun!

And now, the updated project list:

  • A motion-control rig (start with two-axis, then move to automate dolly and even perhaps crane/jib)
  • (Still want) flexible LED lighting in both tungsten (3900K) and daylight (5600K) color temperatures, without kowtowing to Litepanels
  • A high-quality DIY reflow oven, built from a toaster oven, but with the ability to program reflow profiles at runtime
  • A solar-powered weather station, including wireless sensor network and the ability to update the firmware over-the-air

I know, I know. It’s like Christmas reading this list, I kinda want to already have gotten started (oh hey, I have already gotten started(!), and will be posting about each of these projects to properly introduce where I’m at with them!) In the “pending” category are the following projects:

  • The home power meter is on the back burner with all the other awesomeness I’m trying to get to.
  • Wine Biz Radio is on a more-or-less permanent hiatus, so getting an “on-air” light isn’t quite as pressing as it once was. Yeah.

And I promise you, I’ll love this blog much more than I have for the last umpteen months.