Oh yes, I think this will do very nicely:

Mmm, shiny.

I decided to create an on air light to indicate when we’re broadcasting. While I could have just wired a switch to a light fixture, I wanted to take the idea a step further. Using Ustream’s API, I set up our on air light to turn on automatically when we start broadcasting. This project was just for fun, but learning how to use the XBee Internet Gateway to get the Arduino online wirelessly will come in very handy for future projects.

[from Make:Online]

As some readers may know, I have an alter ego producing and hosting a wine industry talk show that airs on terrestrial radio as well as podcast to the Internet. As part of the evolution we have something of a ghetto USTREAM.tv setup to allow the curious to watch as we tape our episodes (tape on Wednesday, air on Friday). Since we do use the USTREAM thing, having a beacon like this to let us know that the stream is live (and that we should behave ourselves) would be mighty handy.

So I’m putting this one on the list of show projects, to make our production that much better. I do actually have some other show projects, including:

I’m sure that list is really just getting started.